Saturday, March 7, 2009

The New Bathrooms in Yankee Stadium That You'll Never Get To Use

Last weekend we promised that there would be no more bathroom photos on the blog. We lied.

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, via The Voice Of The Yankees Universe, comes this brand new photo out of the bathroom at the New Yankee Stadium - complete with HDTV embedded in the vanity mirror:

Don't get your hopes up. It is likely that you, the regular everyday Joe who reads weblogs, will never step foot into one of these luxurious lavatories.
The Yankees spared no expense for the Legends Club, a special lounge for premium seat-holders. The $500-and-up club has high-definition screens everywhere, even the restrooms.
If, for some reason HDTVs and granite counter tops in sporting venue bathrooms are something you can't live without, the Yankees would be happy to speak with you. Plenty of premium seats are still available for the suckers who can dish out tens of thousands for baseball tickets.

As an everyday Yankee fan, all we ask for is something better than this:

Or at least throw us a bone and give us some splash guards!

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