Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Yankee Stadium Tour Commencement Date Delayed Until May

Back in January, we reported that the new Yankee Stadium tours would commence in April. Much to our surprise, the Yankees have sneakily updated their tour page, and will not start them at the new Yankee Stadium until May, 2009. The verbiage now reads:
Tours of the Old Yankee Stadium have ended.

Thanks to our fans we have had a glorious run that lasted over 20 years. In 2008 alone, we’ve seen nearly 150,000 people tour The House That Ruth Built. As we look forward to moving into our new home in 2009, we are planning new and exciting tours, which will commence in May.

For further information regarding Tours and Birthday Bashes for the 2009 season, please contact the Stadium Tours department at 718-579-4594.
With all of the delays surrounding this stadium, it is a wonder the doors are opening on time. Then again, it likely took a lot of focused energy to make sure that most important detail was taken care of, so it isn't surprising that the other details like tickets and tours are delayed.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but that message has been there since January.

Ross said...

In January, it said tours would start in April. I posted an item on the blog in January about it saying April. When I checked back this week it said May. It could have been changed at any time between when I posted it in January and this week. However, I just noticed it this week.

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