Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good news if you have $26,325.00 to spare...

In an economic downturn, who DOESN'T have 26k just laying around, waiting to be spent on baseball tickets??? Good news for all of corrupt executives high rollers out there - you can be a BRAND new Yankee season ticket holder with a 2009 seniority date!

The Yankees announced today that they are opening up a full season plan in some of the best seats in the house ($325 tickets) to the general public. Of course, they have been trying to pawn these off to current season ticket holders for months now, without much luck.

Yankee Stadium is going to look awfully strange on TV this Spring and Summer when all of the expensive seats close to the field are empty, but the entire upper deck is filled.

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Anonymous said...

OK, granted, the Mets blow, but both teams are moving into brand new buildings, and my friend just got third-row field boxes on the home-plate side of the Mets dugout for $100 less per seat. I hate the Mets more than anyone, but is there really a $100 difference?

Ross said...

Good point... If I hadn't been a Yankee fan since I was in diapers, I'd consider switching alliances.

Anonymous said...

I'd never switch, but just sayin!

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