Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A little bit more from the "Big Flush" this past Saturday

For some reason, this whole event really makes us laugh, even though it is a logistical necessity. Something about hoards of plumbers pouring through the gates of the New Yankee Stadium, eagerly flushing toilets just tickles the funny bone.

Below is a photo you should probably frame. It will likely be the one and only time a bathroom stall at Yankee Stadium is this clean:

Stadium Insider has not received word on whether this plumber did the honors of christening the facilities, but one can only assume he did. We would have.

Enjoy the photo, folks. As much as Stadium Insider will be covering the new stadium inside and out once the gates open, we don't plan on taking pictures in the bathroom. Fellow Yankee fans probably wouldn't think too kindly of those photos, and we'd rather not lose our season tickets over bathroom photography. Sorry to let everyone down!

These photos were lifted from The Voice of The Yankee Universe, who lifted them from topkidnum1, Clarissa Rivera & Hardcore Shutterbug. I assume these were taken from either flickr.com or one of the various message boards out there constantly churning out New Yankee Stadium photos. If anyone wants to claim ownership of these photos, I will gladly credit you properly.

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1 comment:

Fake Ian Kennedy said...

Personally, I plan on attending that exhibition game at Citi Field on March 29. Forget "christening" the toilets. I plan to "upper deck" a toilet in--you guessed it--the upper deck of the new stadium. (Don't know what I mean? Check it: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=upper+deck).

Fake IPK doesn't do mezzanine...

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