Saturday, March 14, 2009

Interested In A Tour Of The New Yankee Stadium Before It Opens?

As we pointed out last week, the Yankees are holding an unprecedented "Open House" this weekend at the new Yankee Stadium. If you have recently won the lottery, received a large settlement from a lawsuit, collected a life insurance policy on a deceased loved one or otherwise are in the market for premium 2009 Yankee tickets, you can roll out of bed today and tomorrow and go see the new stadium! Recession be damned - get out there and purchase your premium, "between the bases" tickets. Anyone who has logged onto in the past week has seen Derek Jeter's video message, urging people to snatch up this once in a lifetime opportunity. How could you turn down the beloved El Capitan?

The 10 AM slots for Saturday morning were the first to fill up, but according to the Yankees website, all other slots are still available for tours. We are very, very tempted to sign up and give the Yankee ticket reps the timeshare treatment (feign interest in a sales pitch in order to get something we want). Plus, we have always dreamed of donning a hardhat, and according to the website, Yankee Stadium is still a construction zone:
Each guest is allowed to bring one additional guest with them. Yankee Stadium remains a construction site. Release waivers must be signed and hard hats must be worn. Only guests with a confirmed appointment will be admitted in the stadium.
Fellow blog creator Nick is in town from college this weekend. Let us know what you think - is it poor etiquette to take the tour and waste the Yankees' time when there is no way we could ever afford those tickets? Or do the Yankees deserve to have their time wasted for the way they handled the relocation process? Knowing our impulsive ways, we'd walk out of the new stadium the proud owners of a 41 game plan for $26,000. Maybe we should just stay away.

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