Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yankees To Hold A Staff Scavenger Hunt On Sunday

According to a Newsday article, the Yankees will hold a scavenger hunt for staffers at the New Yankee Stadium on Sunday. This will be an opportunity for stadium staffers to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the new stadium. The article even cites examples of some trivia questions that will be asked of the staffers during the event.

Questions such as "name the sections where Johnny Rocket's is located," or, where in the building is there a Allie Reynolds autographed baseball are mentioned. Meanwhile, "name the restaurant that blocks the view for half of the people in the left field bleachers," and "which row in the grandstand had to be removed after it was revealed that views from its seats were obstructed" were conspicuously missing.

How about, "what was the name of the NYY Fans message board poster who leaked the photo of seats obstructed by a large support beam back in early February?" THAT is an obscure question, but one that any good Yankee staffer should know. The name of course is Mastermind. Thanks for reading, buddy.

We just hope that the Yankees let the ticket reps partake in the festivities, instead of making them serve as tour guides while people take pictures of the new digs and feign interest in premium seats. From what we hear, this past "select-a-seat weekend" was an epic fail and all the ticket office could sell was few small partial plans.


Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on the row in the grandstands that have obstructed views? Was the glass in the front row blocking the mound/home plate? I did a search and couldn't find where you previously mentioned it. Thanks.

Ross said...

I mentioned it in my long post last night. Apparently, the Yankees had to remove some beam that was in the way in certain sections of row 14 in the grandstand:

see here

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