Monday, March 9, 2009

Yankees 2009 Day of Game Ticket Prices Revealed

Until now, we only knew the 2009 Yankee ticket prices for season ticket holders. Behold, the 2009 ticket price table, along with a seating chart, scanned from the latest issue of Yankees Magazine:

If you click on that image to see it full-screen, you will realize that the day of game prices are largely unchanged for the "cheap seats." For the more expensive seats, all bets are off. There aren't likely to be many day of game tickets available in the best "Terrace level" seats, but if there are, the $75 per seat will run you $15 more per than the comparable "Tier Box" seats were last year.

For those interested in a side-by-side comparison, you can click here to see last year's pricing. It seems like the Yankees have really simplified the pricing for the "Greatest Seats In The World" so there aren't so many variations of prices that I would never consider spending on a sporting event.

Also of note from the original document is that there are 16 public elevators spread throughout the new Yankee Stadium. We're pretty sure there was only one decrepit elevator in the old Yankee Stadium and it was reserved for handicapped people/stadium employees. Not only are there expanded food options and wider corridors, but there plenty of elevators to lug you around - fat people rejoice!

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