Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whats hot in the Yankee Blogosphere

Since I'm too busy at work to bless everyone with my invaluable Yankee commentary, I thought I'd share some of today's greatest hits from around the rest of the Yankee Blogoverse:

Proving yet again that quality beats quantity any day in the blogosphere, the incomparable Replacement Level Yankees Weblog posted an awesome analysis of the newest Yankee homegrown golden-boy, Brett Gardner. The odds are stacked against the second coming, although the Kenny Lofton comp gives us a bit of hope.

Steve over at WasWatching caught up with Newsday beat-writer Kat O'Brien. In a wide-ranging Q & A, Kat sharea that although she loves her job, she can't recommend the field of journalism to any young hopefuls. New media is infringing upon old media, and job security in the industry is at an all-time low. Hold on to your blogs people, a new day is coming.

Speaking of new media, Andrew over at Scott Proctor's Arm is all up on the Twitter. We here at Stadium Insider recently unlocked the vast landscape of Twitter by using the awesome TweetDeck. It is hard to understand, but Twitter seems to be something that will be around to stay. The word "tweet" however, is insufferable and silly. It better not get added to the dictionary. For more reading about Twitter, check out this informative article from last month's NY Mag by Will Leitch.

Providing the all too necessary comic relief, It Is High, It Is Far, It Is... Caught continues their top 10 names list with a list of the top 10 players to play for the Yankees with the name Jose. Good to see Molina quickly climbing the list. Be sure to head over to their often updated blog and check out some of the other name lists. It is fun stuff.

We have to sneak this one in - Jane Heller (author of the book and blog "Confessions of a She-Fan") apparently enjoyed Kaybli's previously linked "second coming" Brett Gardner photoshop enough to download it to her computer and re-upload it to her MLBlog. It was the perfect companion to Jane's comment about Brett Gardner being in her dreams. Please join us in reminding Kaybli to watermark his photoshops so people know where its at!

Enjoy this post while it lasts - I'm generally against aggregating links, as it comes off as lazy. Then again, this list probably took me longer to compile than most other blog posts, so I guess my productivity at work just took a major ding...

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