Monday, March 9, 2009

A Photo Tour Of The Area Surrounding The New Yankee Stadium

Instead of being like most of the other blogs out there, we're going to link to the original source of these photos instead of just hotlinking them, even though it is a Red Sox blog. Let this be a lesson in doing the right thing, fellow Yankee bloggers.

Taking a bunch of photos in the areas surrounding the new stadium is actually a great idea - and anyone could have done it! (Why didn't we think of this?) Anyway, since it has already been done, we might as well enjoy the photos.

Just like the guy from "A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory," we are surprised at how little walking room there is around the new stadium. From the original drawings and renderings, it appeared that there would be a ton of space to mill around outside the stadium. This photo suggests otherwise:

Finally, we'll leave you with this photo of the new turnstyles that the Yankees will be utilizing. It is worth posting because it is so damn modern:

Everything about this stadium is the polar opposite of the old, decrepit one. Simply awesome.

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