Friday, March 6, 2009

Looking For An A-Rod Replacement? Look No Further Than Scott Brosius

Reading through the Yankee news and blogoverse today, there are a bevy of suggestions for the Yankees' third base quandary, should A-Rod succumb to his hip injury at some point in 2009. Name a third baseman who isn't a team's star, and he has been suggested by someone. Even Aaron Boone's name was bandied about, even if it was in a half-joking manner.

Without further ado, we present the official Stadium Insider solution to the 2009 Yankees problems:

Scott Brosius

So what if he hasn't played game since November of 2001? He is a baseball coach now, so he's still on the diamond regularly. As recently as this past summer, he was manning his old position during the Old Timer's Day festivities. The most important factor when determining a player's contribution to the team is clutch and chemistry as evidenced by the Yankees' lack of championships since Scotty Bro left*. As an added bonus, coaxing Brosius out of retirement will likely provide a boost in Derek Jeter's production, since the late 90's dynasty boys feed off of each other's grit. $2 million for the year, with a player option for 2010 should be fair (in case Brosius decides he retired too soon and wants to give the fine fans of baseball one final farewell tour). We believe we speak for the entire Yankee Universe when putting forth this suggestion.

In other news, I read an article in the free morning paper today about the exorbinant prices of the Yankee premium ticket offerings. The news here is not what was contained within the article, but the fact that I read the actual paper copy and not the digital version online. I was on the way into the Subway station and I saw the Yankee-related headline. Being one of the premiere Yankee bloggers in the free world and a Stadium Insider (please note the sarcastic theme of this entire post), it was my duty to pick up the paper and report back. After reading the months old information contained within the article, all I was left with was a feeling of apathy and inky residue on my fingers.

It is pretty unbelievable to me that the Murray Chass' and Buzz Bizzinger's of the world actually rue the day that this smudgy medium is completely replaced by digital versions. The first thing I had to do after reading the paper was wash my hands so I didn't get ink on my all-important keyboard. Never again. Actual newspapers are dead to me.

*At least this is what I would be led to believe if I had never seen baseball played and only was able to read Tom Verducci and Joe Torre in The Yankee Years

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