Saturday, March 21, 2009

NSI Cuts Through The Hype: How To Get Cheap Yankee Tickets For The 2009 Season

All we have been hearing about all weekend is just how expensive Yankee tickets are for 2009. The AP took weeks old single game price information and made it a fun, "look how expensive these tickets are, OMG!1!1!!!" story. Combined with the timing of the recent presales, the mainstream media and even the blogoverse jumped at the opportunity for a flashy headline. $2,625 for a ticket? Who can pay that?! That is so silly lets write a story about it!

We here at NSI cut straight through the hype and present the real story. In this case, it is very true that a lot of Yankee tickets are ridiculously expensive. It is also very true that the Yankees are sitting on those seats because there aren't many suckers out there buying them. As a matter of fact, some lucky Yankee fans who had the opportunity to participate in either Thursday or Friday's ticket presale made a savvy discovery of some extremely cheap Yankee tickets.

Without further ado, we present to you at least seven different Yankee games that offer $5 tickets in the Bleachers, Outfield Terrace and Grandstand (mostly Wednesday evening games):

4/20 vs. Oakland
4/21 vs. Oakland
5/7 vs. Tampa Bay
5/20 vs. Baltimore
6/3 vs. Texas
8/11 vs. Toronto
9/28 vs. Kansas City

This list is by no means comprehensive, so feel free to add anything you have found from personal experience in the comments section. These are the least desirable games because they are mid-week and against some of the worst teams in the American League for the past few seasons (except for Tampa Bay). It appears that these games are the games that used to be a part of the popular "Fuji Film" $5 games. At the end of the day, $5 for a seat at the new Yankee Stadium is a bargain regardless of the opponent, day of the week or the seat location. It isn't something that people with ticket purchasing opportunities will want to miss.

Hopefully people will read this and will be able to score some cheap tickets on Monday and Tuesday morning at 10AM when the last two on-sales commence. If those people have luck, it will prove that there are bargains to be had for Yankee tickets, even with a brand new stadium catching all of the headlines. The key is to disregard the sensationalistic mainstream media garbage and dig a bit on your own.

If you are unlucky and unable to obtain any of these $5 tickets, don't worry, New Stadium Insider has you covered. We purchased a pair of tickets in the Grandstand Outfield for the May 20 game against Baltimore, and we are ironing out the details in order to present the first ever New Stadium Insider ticket giveaway. With the dawn of a new era in the Bronx, we want to make all of our readers "Stadium Insiders" and hope to offer multiple ticket giveaways over the course of the season. Please keep reading and be sure to tell your Yankee fan friends about the blog if you haven't already!


Leonora said...

5 of those games are in the 12 game #1 plan, and no additional discount was given to people for the (a friend of mine has that plan in the OF Grandstand). That sucks, though it is awesome they still do have some $5 nights.

Rob Abruzzese said...

In reality all of those tickets are going to be up on stubhub for $10. Plus shipping and/or fees you are coming close to $15.

Oh and the Yankees get a cut from stubhub, so those are actually $7 tickets.

Thatkid_billy said...

6/17 vs. Washington
7/02 vs. Seattle
7/20 vs. Baltimore
8/27 vs. Texas
9/15 vs. Toronto

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