Thursday, March 5, 2009

A-Rod poll results

Since Alex Rodriguez will not be introduced on opening day at the new Yankee Stadium due to his cystic hip, we have made the important decision to end the poll today. An impressive 975 people weighed in on the following hard-hitting question: "If you could be at Yankee Stadium on opening day, what would you do when A-Rod was introduced?"

The Results:
449 (46%)
318 (32%)
Nothing (silent protest)
208 (21%)

That is the definition of a mixed-reaction. Not sure if this will change based on his possibly steroid-related injury but it probably isn't worth it to start a new poll.

Thanks to everyone for voting in the first ever Stadium Insider poll! We'll be sure to gauge Yankee fan's feelings throughout the year, mostly with stadium related questions.

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