Thursday, March 26, 2009

Probable Starters For Stadium Openers Vs. Cubs and updated information about Bob Sheppard

Enough talk about obstructed seats, ticket pre-sales and urinals. Let's talk baseball!

We're a mere 8 days away from the opening of the BRAND NEW Yankee Stadium, with two exhibition games on tap against the lovable losers, the Cubs. Ok, they're actually pretty damn good nowadays. Could this be a World Series preview?

For those of you headed to the stadium to see its first live action next weekend, here's what you can expect as far as probable starters go:

Friday, April 3: Ted Lilly @ Chien Ming Wang
Saturday, April 4: Rich Harden @ AJ Burnett (Andy Pettitte slated to appear as well)

Meaningless as the game may be, that Saturday match-up has me salivating. Those two fire-ballers are sure to make a few guys look silly. Let's hope Burnett doesn't get too "geeked"(Thanks Michael Kay) for this meaningless game.

My question for all who plan on attending is this: What are you most excited about experiencing in the New Stadium? Me? I'm just hoping we can put the "YMCA tradition" behind us. Actually, I'm hoping we can put it in a time machine, and send it back to the 70's where that annoying song belongs. Please Yankees. No one likes it anymore.

UPDATE (3/26 11:00 AM): Via River Ave. Blues there is word that Bob Sheppard will be making his triumphant return as PA announcer for the April 3 exhibition game against the Cubs. We have always criticized El Capitan, Derek Jeter for insisting on a recording of Sheppard's voice for his at bats while Sheppard was out sick. That being said, a Yankee game just isn't the same without Bob Sheppard's impeccable pronunciations. No offense to Jim Hall, who did an admirable job and will likely be the permanent replacement once Sheppard is forced into retirement due to turning 130 years old.

UPDATE (3/26 4:22 PM): Via Newsday is word from Sheppard's family that he won't be able to make it back, even for the April 16th home opener. We are aware that Bryan Hoch was merely responding to a "mailbag" question, but that was some pretty shoddy reporting.


Anonymous said... is reporting the opposite. No Bob Sheppard for opener. Too bad, hope he is well

Joe said...

you forgot about the april 2nd workout day... that's when it opens, but April 3rd is the 1st game

Ross said...

Nick and I are considering April 3rd the opening since we will be there. HAH!

Joe said...

well im considering april 2nd the opening because I will be there HAH lol but i will also be at the april 3rd game too

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