Monday, May 11, 2009

Revisiting An Old Obsession

I'll admit that soon after the 2009 baseball season ended, my obsession with also ceased. I had never actually cashed out a penny (although my account had reached upwards of $50 once), so it was becoming somewhat of a time-waster.

Anyway, baseball season is back, so I have decided to make another post recommending Cent Sports for anyone who wants to have a little more of a rooting interest in each night's baseball games. For anyone who wasn't reading the blog last June, you sign up at and get a free 10 cents to make sports bets. Once you get over $20, you can cash out what started out as 10 cents and you will have won free money. If you lose all of your money, you get a new 10 cents to play with.

This post is not an advertisement, but if you click through to through one of the links in this post, I will get a 5% commission on the pennies you earn, which will be deposited into my "betting" account on that site. Feel free to just navigate over to the website yourself if you'd like to circumvent my referral links.

I will post a disclaimer: there are complaints about the cashout process with Cent Sports. Apparently, the procedure for getting your money if you hit the cashout level is flawed, and will likely be frustrating. That being said, I am over there just to have some more of a rooting interest in baseball games that I usually wouldn't care too much about. If you are serious about sports betting, you will go to a site like, in which case it is unlikely that you are even reading this post.

Me? I'll stick to fake internet money that can possibly turn into real money if straightens up their act.
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