Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Final Slap In The Face To Partial Plan Ticket Holders

As everyone knows by now, we were downgraded from a B-plan (41 games) that we had since 2005 to a 20 game plan for the 2009 season, pretty much against our will (we were offered the B plan for $350 premium seats), during the relocation process.

Today, the Yankees issued the final slap in the face via this press release:
Prior to the public on-sale, all Yankees Premium, Full-Season and 41-Game Ticket Licensees will be able to purchase individual-game tickets, online only, via a pre-on-sale on Thursday, March 19. On the following day, Friday, March 20, all other Partial Plan Licensees (of 20-, 15-, 12- and 11-Game Plans) will be permitted to purchase individual-game tickets online only as well. For complete information, including ticket limits, please visit
This really is the decisive insult by the New York Yankees to their loyal ticket holders. Not only were former B-plan holders inconvenienced by losing their opening day tickets, their playoff tickets, and 21 additional games when they were downgraded to 20 game plans, but now we are bunched in with all of the other partial plan holders (and minor league season ticket holders!) for the pre-sale.

Instead of throwing us a bone and giving us the "first crack" at the premium games, downgraded B-plan holders are once again on the outside looking in, as people in the plan we used to be in and WISH WE COULD STILL BE IN get to purchase more tickets to games they already have.

This is an absolute disgrace. We truly hope that Richard Sandomir, Neil Best, Neil deMause and Jay Jaffe catch wind of this and give it the same attention that previous relocation fiascos have received.

The updated dates are as follows:
  • March 17 - Registration for online sales random drawing end.
  • March 18 - Random drawing for general public online sales takes place.
  • March 19 - Yankee season ticket licensee pre-sale date for 2009 New York Yankees single game tickets for Full Season, Premium Seat and 41 game plan holders .
  • March 20 - Emails are sent to "winners" of random drawing.
  • March 20- Minor leage affiliates and Yankees partial plan (20-, 15-, 12- and 11-Game Plans) ticket licensee pre-sale date for 2009 New York Yankees single game tickets.
  • March 23 (10 AM - 10PM) - Online only sale for 2009 Yankee single game tickets (with limitations on premium games) for those chosen in random drawing.
  • March 24 - General on-sale for 2009 New York Yankee tickets at all outlets for any remaining tickets (Ticketmaster, Yankee Clubhouse stores, New Yankee Stadium Ticket Office).


Anonymous said...

Full season ticket holder deserve first crack at all tickets before anyone else. They are the best customers and spend the most money. Partials deserve the next crack before the public. Sounds like a VERY fair process.

Ross said...


Anonymous said...

I know someone who buys 11 games a year should have the same benefits as someone who buys all 81. Come on, just like you think you should have (deserve) a presale before the public b/c you bought 20 games more then them, FS plan holders feel the same about partials.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anonymous, why don't you just come out of the closet and admit you work for the Yankees? Smokin' Hank, is that you? Or perphaps it's Trost or Levine? You are a tool.

Leonora said...

If nothing else why do Staten Island Yankees ticket holders have their presale the same day as New York Yankees partial plan holders?

I belong to both camps and I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I dont think full season ticket holders and 41 game ticket holders should get a presale on opening day. They are the ONLY plans that have those tix already.
I do think the have "earned" the right to get extra benefits like post season rights and even a presale before the rest on every other regular season game BUT opening day.
Last year if you had the final game @ YS in your plan you werent afforded the chance to buy more tix in the presale. Should be the same this year for opening day.

Anonymous said...

Well keep in mind former b plan holders never got opening day.So its not like they took away your opening day, and if you were at the last game of yankee stadium last year, you do remember the yankees were kind enough to let you buy that..

Anonymous said...

And dont think for a minute its just as annoying to a full season plan holder that a 41 game planner
gets the same perks of opening day and all the playoff tickers and buys 40 less games

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the partial ticket holders do have a sense of entitlement. They dont feel the person who has season tickets should get tickets before them. However they feel they should get a presale before someone like me who just wants to buy 5-6 games. Sounds very hypocritical to me.

Why the entitlement? How about sharing w/ the average Joe that cant afford any ticket plan

Ross said...

I only want tickets to games that are not included in my plan. Since I made an investment in a larger package of games, it makes send that a perk would be the early opportunity to supplement that package with a few additional games that were not previously included. That excuse does not exist for full-season ticket licensees.

Anonymous said...

I dont feel entitled to anything. Yes I agree full season ticket holders are "better" customers and should be treated that way by the Yankees for the larger investment. I said before that I do feel full season ticket holders should have first pick before all games EXCEPT opening day.

The yankees last year let any plan that did not have the final game in their plan first shot to buy tickets to go to that game. I feel they should have done a seperate presale for opening day.

Entitlement? Your right some do feel that they should get all the perks that FS holders have your right. But their are many like me that just feel that the first game in the new stadium is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should have its own presale.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to receive my partial plan reassignment before tickets go on sale so I can decide whether I want to take the relocation offer or buy individual tickets...

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