Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Sneak Peak At The Confusing Yankee Ticket Options On Ticketmaster

Via the message boards of comes this interesting Yankee-related item. Prospective Yankee ticket buyers can get a sneak peak at the drop-down menu that may greet them when purchasing 2009 Yankee tickets.

This screen grab is taken from the purchase page for the inspirational speaker, Joel Osteen's event at the end of April. It is immediately apparent that there are more options than in the past, and all of the sponsored seats make things a bit confusing.

We can't confirm that all of these options will be the same for a baseball game, but it can be assumed that many of the options will be the same. Not sure where The Mohegan Sun Sports Bar is, but it would be awesome if it included a casino (it doesn't). That would make Yankee Stadium a viable year-round venue!

We would like to note that as exciting of an opportunity as it was, we passed on our Joel Osteen tickets. It was a tough decision, but in the end the recession got the best of us.


9nine9 said...

You would have to pay ME -- and a pretty penny, at that -- to sit through a bunch of horse crap like the Osteens.

kevin said...

The Mohegan Sports bar is on top of the CF restaurant. If you go on baseball-fever and look at pics taken of the stadium you will see about 40 seats in CF. They were not available for plans, sort of YS version of Green Monster seats

kevin said...

Sorry I said 40 seats, ts more like 20.

kevin said...

I got 4 x to april 3rd cub game in GS 406. I also got 4 tix to all 3 games in Aug vs the Sox.Hope everyone got what they wanted

kevin said...

4 tix ...not 4 x

Ross said...

Pretty much a nightmare for me:

May 23 vs. PHI 2 tix in 407a
Jul 19 vs. DET 2 tix in 407a
Aug 9 vs. SOX 2 tix in 407a
Sept 27 vs. SOX 2 tix in 407a

Apr 3 vs. CHI single seat in 409
Apr 4 vs CHI single seat in 411

kevin said...

How is that a nightmare, looks like you got a nice share of tix. You got more games then me

Ross said...

I only really wanted the exhibition games and all I got was single tix for those. Now I can't go with my brother or father. Real bummer.

kevin said...

I just got 8 tickets to 6/3 game in sect 410 for $5 a seat. They have many midweek GS seats for $5. I also got 4 $5 seats to a TB in sec. 412. I guess it is the $5 fuji packs

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