Friday, March 6, 2009

Randy Levine Continues Where Trost Left Off, Responds To Criticism With Arrogance

Richard Sandomir has the story over at the NY Times Bats Blog.

In response to a subpoena to appear in front of a committee and provide documents regarding tax-exempt stadium financing and ticket pricing, Randy Levine toed the company line by becoming defiant and arrogant. As Sandomir notes,
He called the campaign a “witch hunt” against the Yankees. “I guess it’s spring training and you can’t just sit in the stands,” Levine said.
At the end of the hearing, Levine predicted sarcastically that Brodsky would hold his next hearing on April 16 — opening day for the $1.5-billion stadium.
While this has become somewhat of a witch hunt, the top Yankee executives could stand to gain a bit of humility. They gamed the system while all of the politicians, media and fans were asleep at the wheel, playing lapdog instead of watchdog. The Yankees championed the new stadium plans and everyone fell in love with the idea of the brand new structure. Now, it is a day late and a billion dollars short, and the Yankees know it, so they are responding with snark and defiance instead of actually addressing the concerns.

At this point, public money and politicians' time should not be wasted with these attention-seeking committees, but that doesn't mean Randy Levine should act like a child and stick his tongue out at all of the Yankees' opponents.

Lonn Trost's elitist interview on WFAN last week and Randy Levine's immature outbursts today are an interesting snapshot of executive management in the United States. These types used to be able to laugh their way to the bank when they were scrutinized. Times are changing as the economic downturn deepens and public distrust rises. If the guys like Trost and Levine aren't careful, they might end up going from executive to making $12 per hour.

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kaybli said...

that "going from executive to making $12 per hour" video is the most depressing thing I've ever seen.

Ross said...

Thats what we're here for - to depress the hell out of people!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is more of a satirical hate on the Yankees. I don't see how you're a Yankee fan anymore than pete Abraham is. Both you blogs follow the same context.

Ross said...

I counter that statement with:

This Post (excitement about the upcoming season)

Defending A-Rod

Positive about the improved legroom at the new Stadium

My blueprint for championship #27

EXTREMELY positive about the Yankees great rotation

Ross said...

When it comes to the baseball team on the field, I am an eternal optimist. When it comes to the executive management and the fans, there is plenty to be critical of. Sorry if that hurts your feelings in some way.

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