Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Unsubstantiated Yankee Ticket Rumor

Internet rumors are swirling about the possibility of an account-holder pre-sale for opening day Yankee tickets - ONLY for the plan holders who are not receiving opening day tickets within their plans (Full season and B).

That is a mouthful. Basically, if you are a Yankee season ticket holder and your plan doesn't include opening day, you will be part of this pre-sale.

The rumor sounds about right, as the Yankees did something very similar last year for the final home game. In 2008, all plan holders not entitled to the final game had an exclusive pre-sale opportunity for that game. In the rarest of rare cases, the ticketmaster system performed up to par for that pre-sale, and there were few complaints. We can only hope that is the case again this year.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If that happens, obviously, don't expect great seats. Not saying that to rip the Yankees: With the number of full-season-ticket holders and plans, there ain't much left. I got in on the final-game presale last year literally one second after it started and got tickets in the top row of the old Stadium, by the RF foul pole.

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