Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lonn Trost is a liar - All the proof Yankee fans need from a year-old interview

I received an email from a disgruntled Yankee season ticket holder containing an MP3 of an interview that Lonn Trost conducted with Mike and the now defunct Mad Dog last March 11. In the interview below, listen to Lonn the sleaze go out of his way to brag about what a great relocation plan the Yankees had concocted and how happy the fans would be.

Nearly one year later, egg is dripping down his face, but the Yankees are laughing their way to the bank.

Scroll to 7:18 of this clip and listen for the next minute or so. It is pretty unbelievable that Francesca let him off the hook so easily in that interview last week. Accountability just doesn't exist these days, even when archives of print, radio and TV are so readily accesible. It is sad, really.

If the player doesn't work, you can download the interview here.

What do you have to say for yourself, Lonn?

Update (3/5/09): Some folks in the comments are pointing out how forthcoming Lonn was in his interview, mentioning the obstruction in the bleachers and talking about the TVs in the walls. If you read this blog, you will see that the bleacher obstruction has not been news since September when NY Mag posted a photo from the 3D seat selector. The fact remains that the relocation process that was being touted as one of the most efficient and well-planned in the history of sports in the interview linked above is still going on with a month until opening day. Any season ticket holder that didn't upgrade to full season is disgruntled. The interview from one year ago shows Trost's ignorance in regard to the pending relocation. Instead of tempering expectations for the process, he boasted proudly how happy everyone would be. That was his first mistake.

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She-Fan said...

Great blog. So glad you pointed it out to me! Will be back for sure.

Yonik21 said...

He did not lie. Actually, he said exactly what was going to be in the relocation guide. The guide said partial plans will NOT be getting there same location. I love my seats, I speak for many of my friends too! People should have partnered with friends and and gotten FS.

Yonik21 said...

I learned a lot from that interview, and for one when you need to move 85 thousand plans some people are going to be upset.

Anonymous said...

He even metioned they will be obstructed bleacher seats and TV's will be on the wall. I found him to be VERY honest.

Anonymous said...

PS to whom it may concern, you might want to change the wording of the poll. Arod will not be playing opening day now.

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