Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UPDATE: No All-Access Statium Tour For NSI

Apparently, some higher-ups at Turner caught wind of unimportant Yankee bloggers being given the All-Access Tour of the new Yankee Stadium, and have nixed it. There are no hard feelings toward the kind engineer who was willing to take us on the tour, but this just reeks of unprofessionalism on the part of Turner Construction. Just because we have a blog does not mean that we don't have plans or professional lives that we had to alter in order to make this happen. As a working professional, we had to move meetings around in order to leave work in time for this tour, and we told colleagues about the exciting opportunity. Now, all we are left with is embarrassment.

For the record, we were informed of the possibility of having to sign some sort of NDA regarding the tour and were told we would not be able to post photos. This was fine by us, as we were extremely excited about the opportunity to tour the stadium. We were under the impression that this was not a "secret" tour, as the engineer openly asked us if we wanted to take the tour on the public domain of Twitter. Therefore, we posted on our blog about the tour last night, encouraging the submission of questions for the engineers.

At the end of the day, it appears that this engineer was planning on taking us on the tour as personal guests, and not as members of the media on behalf of Turner Construction. We were misled into believing that this tour was arranged because of admiration for our blog, and that we were being encouraged to ask questions. We had plans to write a feature, just as if we were journalists from a newspaper invited on the tour.

If the intentions of this tour were clear from the beginning, this awkward and unprofessional situation would have never occurred. We didn't ever expect to be given this opportunity, so we don't have any illusions of entitlement. We just didn't want to tell our family and friends about it, only to have to suffer the embarrassment of telling them the tour was canceled, because we are bloggers.
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