Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gary Sheffield Released

Gary Sheffield, just a single home run away from hitting his 500th, was released today by the Tigers. The grouchy OF/DH is still owed 14 million dollars from the Tigers.

Sheffield is best remembered by Yankees fans for his near-MVP regular season in 2004, and his contribution during the 4-game collape in the ALCS that season. He's also remembered in the Bronx for calling Joe Torre a racist, a claim Kenny Lofton disagreed with (Although he, too, hated Torre).

Now the question is, where he deliver his 500th Sheff special? You'd have to assume whatever team signs him would only want to use him as a DH, ruling out NL teams. Maybe Toronto could be a fit for him? Whatever the case, I doubt there are going to be many teams open to the idea of signing Sheffield, whose career appears to be in a steep decline.
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