Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Purchase a Urinal From The Old Yankee Stadium

You really can't make this stuff up.

The old Yankee Stadium will be chopped up and sold to fans in little pieces as part of a $10 million-plus deal the team struck with the city, The Post has learned.

The payment will give the team the right to sell city-owned portions of the ballpark, including all 57,000 seats, the foul poles, dugouts and even the urinals sources familiar with the deal said.

Hey, at least if we get one of those urinals for our home, we will finally be able to relieve ourselves in peace, without being "splashed" on.

So, what would YOU pay for these beautiful, urine-soaked urinals?

On a serious note, we can totally envision a sports bar purchasing these urinals as part of a bathroom theme. The free market is a beautiful, but strange beast sometimes.

For those of you out there interested in buying a pair of seats from the old park, be aware that pairs of seats from the now-demolished Shea Stadium sold for $869. The Mets were smart and started those sales earlier, so the recession was not as deep as it is now. We'd expect seats from Yankee Stadium to start out at a higher asking price, but eventually settle down to the Shea Stadium price. Who has expendable income for stupid stuff like this anymore?


Anonymous said...

It makes me sad that Yankee Stadium will be demolished during the season. I hate the thought of looking at half of a ballpark, or the shell of a ballpark. The Mets handled this the proper way: There's no trace of Shea left.

Mickey B said...

The Mets had no choice. They were building on their parking lot and needed the space. The Yankees didn't have that problem.

What the Yankees DID have was a facility that they did not own and a city that we bell-bent on securing the proceeds from the souvenirs that would be had from such a demolition. The accounts for much of the delay in dismantling the old Stadium.

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