Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Breaking News: A-Rod holds daughters?

Even as one of Alex Rodriguez's most supportive fans, I must admit, he has done an awful lot to put himself in the spotlight, often for the wrong reasons. My attitude through most of it has been, "All that matters to me is what he does on the field." I don't think there is anything wrong with that attitude, especially considering he has never been a bad guy, just a flawed dude who wants so badly to be great, even if he mostly desires personal success.

Among those self-glorifying things he's done to get unneeded attention include publicly insulting Derek Jeter, saying people are jealous of his good looks, and most embarrassingly, having a strange public relationship with the ultra-gross Madonna.

Missing from that list is the "news" about Rodriguez creating a stir a the Dominican practice in Jupiter, Florida by... Holding his daughters? According to Newsday, his new teammates seemed "bewildered" by the scene. I'd venture to guess that the word choice is a bit exaggerated.

To make it all even sillier, the article makes it a point to note that no other players had any family there. Consider that Rodriguez owns a house in Miami where his children live with his ex-wife. Jupiter is just an hour and a half drive from Miami, in contrast to the four and a half hour drive from Miami to Tampa. Might A-Rod be "posing" for those pics for positive PR? I don't know... But what I do know is that he got a visit from his family before baseball practice. Thats all. No need to spin it into an A Rod rip.

And back to the real issue here: His teammates were bewildered?! It's not like he got a visit from his infamous steroid smuggling cousin, Yuri Scurat.

Photos Courtesy of The NY Daily News

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Anonymous said...

Probably bewildered by the media attention over such a non-issue.

nick2slick said...

Or the next non-issue, his Reyes Compliment/"Jeter Diss"

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