Friday, March 20, 2009

Check Your Email To See If You Have "Won" The Chance To Buy Tickets On Monday

As we mentioned in a previous post, the winners of the Yankee ticket buying opportunity are being announced today.

We like to try our luck in lotteries like this, and wouldn't you know, our name was picked at random. To recap, we already had our presale password on Thursday from our 41 game plan, our presale password from our temporary 20 game plan valid for today's presale was still active (no idea why) so we had another opportunity for tickets this morning. Now, we will have one more chance on Monday before the tickets are released to the masses.

Before anyone gets too incensed, we aren't buying up all of the tickets for ourselves, or to scalp. As a matter of fact, we plan on giving Monday's code away to our friends so they can get a shot at tickets in the new stadium. That way, they won't be bothering us for tickets from our 41 game plan!

Keep an eye out for this email, and let us know if you are lucky in the comments.
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