Monday, March 30, 2009

New Yankee Stadium Tours to begin on May 4, Cost $20

Slowly, but surely, the Yankees are ironing out all of the details about the new Yankee Stadium. Sometime in the past day or so, the Yankees added their 2009 stadium tour information page on

A new stadium means a higher price, of course. When we took the tour last March, it was only $15. Now, the tour will run you $20. For that $20, here is what you get:
The Classic Tour lasts 45 minutes to one hour and includes visits to the New York Yankees Museum, Monument Park and the dugout. Guests will pass through the batting cages and Yankees clubhouse area before ending the tour in the Great Hall near the team store.
And before you freak out about the higher cost:
Proceeds from the tours benefits the Yankees Foundation, a non-profit arm of the NY Yankees organization.
Isn't "non-profit" arm of the NY Yankees an oxymoron? Such a thing exists?

$20 would have been worth it to tour the old stadium because of the history involved. Will it be worth $20 for a tour of the new digs? Only you can answer that question. We'll probably take the plunge.

The tours commence on May 4 and run through September 25. Tickets are available directly from the tour obviously does not run when the Yankees are at home, so be aware of the following blacked out dates: May 7, 13, 16-17, 23-31, June 4, 6-7, 13-14, 18-19, 24-25, 30, July 3-6, 15, 18-19, 22, 25-26, August 4, 8-9, 12, 21, 27, 29-30, September 7, 12-13, 23. Also know that additional blacked out dates may arise during the course of the season.
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