Friday, March 27, 2009

Bernie Williams To Attend Home Opener At New Stadium, Appear On CenterStage

Found these tidbits in Newsday, in an article about Bernie's desire to play baseball, and thought this news might matter to fans:
Williams also said he will be on hand when new Yankee Stadium opens with its first regular-season game April 16.

"CenterStage" with Williams will premiere on YES after the Yankees-Orioles game April 8. It will include a musical performance by Williams and his band.
Bernie's will likely recieve a wild ovation when they show him on the massive screen in center field.

Maybe they'll be able to retire his number this year, or next year when he decides to OFFICIALLY retire. He deserves a true farewell as one of the good guys in the game, especially considering the era he played during. Not to mention, if that silly phrase "True Yankee" ever applied, it's to this guy.
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