Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Yankees Amend Their Policy On Field Level Access For Fans, Beer In The Bleachers

Last week's post regarding social stratification at the new Yankee Stadium caused quite a stir around the blogoverse. Apparently, Yankee management has heard the outrage and plans to amend their previously stated policies regarding Field Level access. According to a reliable source within the ticket office:
They [Yankee management] were going to keep the field level as a private concourse but management changed their minds. Access to the concourses will be open but my guess is you can't
get by the "moat" that separates the Legends from the Field seats."
It should be noted that multiple sources within the ticket office confirmed that the Yankees fully intended on enforcing the policy (which is still up on Yankees.com in the A-Z Guide), but recently decided against it. Whatever reasons are behind the change, kudos to the Yankees for not being too rigid about a downright stupid policy and doing what is best for the fans.

As always, keep in mind that while mostly good-intentioned, the ticket office is often wrong. Therefore, we won't be completely relieved until the A-Z Guide is updated.

UPDATE (3/31 1:12 PM): Late-breaking news from the NY Post that the Yankees are lifting the 9-year ban on alcohol in the bleachers. Beer vendors will not service the bleachers, but fans can bring beer back to their seats. (h/t Scott Proctor's Arm)
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