Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yankee Season Ticket Holder Pre-Sale Update: How did everyone do?

Today the Yankees allowed ticket holders of Half and Full season plans access to single game tickets on Ticketmaster. Now that we have been upgraded to a half-season plan, we were lucky enough to be involved in this pre-sale.

I focused my frantic clicking on finding tickets to some of the "premium" games, for example, Opening Day or games against rival opponents. While I was unable to find any affordable tickets for Opening Day, I did manage to get a pair of tickets for 2 games against the Red Sox.

The seats for both games are located in section 407A in the Grandstand. For September 27th, the seats are in Row 1, while the August 9th tickets put us in Row 6. It seems several others found tickets in the same section for other games as well.

I was disappointed that I was unable to find tickets for the ultra-cheap Cubs exhibitions. Ross was only able to get a single ticket to one of the games which reminded me of the only time I went to see the Yankees on my lonesome. It was a day game, a scorcher in the summer of 07, and Kei Igawa was rocking his signature sunglasses on the hill. By "rocking" I mean, boring me so badly that I left early. I think he threw a pitch once a minute...BOOOOOOORING. Back on topic now: I insist I will not attend another game alone. Not gonna happen.

So, anyone make out especially well during today's pre-sale? Leave some comments -- hope you found some awesome, affordable seats (YEAH, RIGHT.).


Anonymous said...

This presale was, for the most part, another way for the Yankees to try to sell the $900-$2,650 tickets that I hope they choke on. I was only able to get a single seat for the two Red Sox games I tried for (decent terrace seats, admittedly) and two terrace seats in fair territory in LF for an Anaheim game. Opening Day? Don't make me laugh.

seano0846 said...

Just got section 28 LEGENDS SEATING for 150 a Pop at 8PM for the 4/3 CUBS GAME !!!!! Seem like they released a bunch of seats for that game go get em!

Ross said...

The expensive seats have been there all day. The $1 and 0.25 seats are the ones that are hard to get. Who wants to pay $150 for an exhibition game?

Elliot said...

I got a pair for opening day in section 408, but then struck out on just about everything else. I wanted 4 together for a few Sundays, but the only affordable seats offered were in section 407A. I wasn't looking for Boston and the Mets, just ordinary Sundays (Twins, Angels, etc.) ... I would have thought I could do a little better.

seano0846 said...

Well Ross, those tickets were not available "all day" I tried to get comparable seats near that location at 10 then 12 with no luck.And as for paying 150.00 for "only" an exhibition game, I normally would agree but this in not a normal game. It is the first game ever played in the NYS and im sitting in seats that normally are in upwards of 600.00. For 150 I am getting free parking as well as food and beverage. Plus I am fortunate enough to be able to spring for the 300 for 2 seats. Believe me there is no way in hell I will EVER pay those regular prices for a game in those seats. I figure it a once in lifetime. ( unless someone someday gives me tickets to a game in those seats for free. Until then I'll be enjoying my Terrace Level seats F/S plan

Anonymous said...

Call me mean-spirited, but I still hope they choke on those $900-$2,650 tickets.

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