Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Contact Information For NOW OPEN Steakhouse At The New Yankee Stadium - NYY Steak

UPDATE (3/31 4:11 PM): The restaurant is NOW OPEN to the public. If you call the phone number below, a friendly young lady will call you back and you can make reservations. They are open until 11 PM every night, effective immediately. Be sure to let us know how it is!

Much has been made about the upscale steakhouse, NYY Steak, that calls the new Yankee Stadium its home. On the official website, the restaurant is touted as "an upscale dining experience" that will "feature USDA Prime dry-aged beef, fresh seafood and a variety of premium wines to complement your meal choice."

Unfortunately, the website does not contain any contact information, a menu, or any method for making reservations. We here at New Stadium Insider love a good steak, so we decided to do a little digging. Lo and behold, we were able to find the phone number for NYY Steak: (646) 977-8325, courtesy of the 2009 Yankees media guide. It is pretty sad that 1.3 billion dollars doesn't even get the Yankees a 718 number for their flagship steakhouse. They are stuck with the bastard step-child 646 area code. Awkward.

A Yankee Stadium systems engineer known as "StationA" on Twitter confirms that stadium employees have been given the opportunity to dine at the new establishment, but the average fan still does not have the opportunity. Upon calling to inquire about reservations, we received a recording asking us for callback information. For the record, "StationA" had a "ridiculously good" meal at NYY Steak and the lobster mac & cheese was "crazy good." Sign us up for some of that.

In other Yankee Stadium food news, Grub Street on NYMag.com reports on more exciting food options, sponsored by The Food Network - that are only for the rich people in the suites:
The Food Network stands will be located within the Delta Sky 360 Suite and in the Jim Beam Terrace Lounge, both premium areas located behind home plate, and will serve quality takes on classics like burgers, hot dogs, and fries, as well as dishes, such as Puerto Rican-style pork sandwiches, Chinese cold noodles, and soft tacos, incorporating the ethnic cuisines of New York City, Food Network's hometown.
In this economy, no amount of Chef Morimoto or Food Network are going to sell those luxury accommodations. Even with the ridiculously long lines, Citi Field has the right idea in offering their best food options to everyone in the house, and not just the suits in the suites.
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