Monday, March 30, 2009

Season Ticket Holders - Be On The Lookout For Your Tickets, And Some Interesting "My Yankees Account" Information

If you are a full season ticket holder, you have likely already received your season tickets. Congratulations to you. Everyone else is dealing with the yearly "cross our fingers and hope the tickets arrive in time for the first game" anxiety. Thankfully the Yankees have a link set up to track their season ticket shipment. It is important to note that the Yankees have switched shippers and are using FedEx this season instead of the usual UPS. That means you can leave the UPS guy alone, and keep your eyes on that shady FedEx deliveryman.

For those of you who have unloaded some of your tickets on Stubhub, Ebay, Craiglist, or plan on forwarding them to friends and family, you should be aware of some changes to the "My Yankees" account. The Dodgers' ticket holders experienced the same changes, and the following email was sent to their ticket holders:

Dear Dodgers Plan Holders,
As we begin another exciting season of Dodger baseball, we would like to point out some changes to the ticket forwarding process available on MY DODGERS ACCOUNT.

When Forwarding Tickets:
1. An invitation will be sent to the recipient to accept or decline forwarded tickets.
2. You will have the option to set the time frame in which the tickets must be accepted.
o An email reminder will be sent to the recipient 24 hours from your selected cutoff time.
o If the tickets are not accepted within your time frame, the tickets will not be forwarded and the original tickets will still be valid.
o You may also cancel the pending invitation as long as the recipient has not yet accepted the tickets.
3. Select who pays the $2 per ticket forwarding fee.
o You now have the option to pass the fee on to the recipient of the tickets.

As the Recipient of Forwarded Tickets:
1. Open your email notification and click Accept Tickets.
o If you do not have an existing account, you must now create one.
3. Confirm your delivery selection and select Accept Offer.
o If the original ticket holder paid your forwarding fee, then you are done.
o If they have asked you to do so, then you'll be prompted to enter your credit card number.
The option to pass the e-ticket printing fee on to the recipient and to recall the tickets are welcome changes.

Another welcome change for Yankee season ticket holders are changes involving the connection between the"My Yankees" account and Stubhub. As we mentioned previously, Stubhub and the MLB have a ticket sales agreement. Now, the two have combined to make coughing up your 15% commission even easier. A new link has appeared in the "My Yankees" account that allows the season ticket holder to sell their tickets:

Clicking the sell button prompts you to link your Stubhub account to your "My Yankees" Ticketmaster account. It must really kill Ticketmaster to send potential customers over to the competition, but everyone is making tons of money and the egos are pushed to the side.

Remember, once you receive those tickets, BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR BARCODES!
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