Monday, March 30, 2009

A Little Bit More About The Mohegan Sun Sports Bar Seats At The New Yankee Stadium

UPDATE (3/30 6:56 PM): Apparently there is no such thing as the hospitality director for the Yankees, or they were making things up. The below information has been confirmed as false by multiple ticket office sources. Please see the updated post for most accurate information (as it stands currently).

Due to the extremely slow drip of information by the Yankees, fans are still wondering how they can enjoy the view from the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar, seen in the photo above. We have recently uncovered some information that while unconfirmed, may give us a better idea of what the Yankees have in store.

According to someone who has spoken to the New York Yankees' Hospitality Director, membership to the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar will cost $750 for the entire season. This does not include admission to the game, so you will have to obtain tickets elsewhere. No other details of what the $750 entitles members to are available. The Hospitality Director also revealed that Audi Club Memberships are $975, but we're not even sure where that club is.

At first glance, the Mohegan Sun membership seems like a great deal for one group of season ticket holders - the approximately 600 people who had full season plans in the bleachers and had their ticket prices lowered to $5 when the center field obstruction was announced. Those people were set to pay $972 for their 81 game package when the tickets were priced at $12. Upon the announcement of the "architecturally shadowed" seats, they were given the 81 games for a total of $405.

It would be a great way to make up for the obstructed view that the sports bar causes by throwing down the $750 for the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar membership. That would make the grand total out of pocket expense for full season ticket holders in the obstructed view bleacher seats with a Mohegan Sun Sports Bar membership $1155 per person. For $183 more than their initially planned investment, these previously obstructed bleacher dwellers can obtain access and crash the party in the climate-controlled sports bar intended for the rich folks.

On the downside, sources say that the memberships will be oversold, so the bar will likely experience extreme crowding during extreme weather conditions - the time that people will be most likely to use the membership. Depending on what else the $750 includes and what the policy on companions is, we would consider making the investment. However, we'll let the early adopters help to work out the kinks first.
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