Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yankee Full Season Ticket Holder Number "Was An Internal Team Miscommunication," Actual Number Considerably Lower

According to the NY Post, Lonn Trost shared false information that the equivalent of 39,393 full season ticket plans had already been sold for the new Yankee Stadium back in January. As it turns out, only 36,000 full season ticket plans were sold in total, and the 39,393 number was a mistake based on "an internal team miscommunication."

That would be an acceptable error, except very similar information was shared with a journalist from the AP by Lonn Trost back in March 2008:

As for the regular seats, the Yankees hope to send out a relocation plan in April. Through Thursday, the Yankees had sold 39,141 full-season equivalents.

Trost said there will be about 11,000 non-premium seats at field level and 12,000 at the main level. He said 25,000 seats from the final year of the current ballpark won't be increased for 2009.

In other words, we have all witnessed an absolute vintage Lonn Tross tactic right there. Make up a large number of tickets already sold to scare the crap out of people and force them to upgrade to the highest possible ticket plan.

As it turns out, the higher season ticket holder number was from the old Yankee Stadium. Now, the truth has been revealed - the Yankees have sold less full season equivalents this year than they did last year. Along with the high percentage of the most expensive seats remaining unsold (you know, the ones that were planned to subsidize the money lost by keeping the lower ticket prices unchanged?) and the Bank of America deal crumbling this means that the Yankees may not have such an easy time of paying for this 1.3 billion dollar luxury home. Lets hope a foreclosure is not in the future.

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Anonymous said...

The Yankees organization, dishonest? The HELL you say!

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