Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NSI Cuts Through The Hype: Six Dollar, 12 Ounce Beer At New Stadium: Not A Better Deal.

Ross seemed surprised when the Yankees unveiled quite the "bargain": a six dollar 12 ounce beer. He noted that he didn't remember seeing a deal like that in the old stadium.

I'm here to burst his bubble. Just last season the Yankees were selling 24 oz beers for 12 dollars, with even Heinekens available for that price. So maybe there wasn't the good deal on 12 oz'ers, but if you went super-size, you'd be drunk in no time for that same "bargain" price.

Instead, this season we could go to Tommy Bahama's Bar, which will serve mixed drinks. Perfect for those who have whiny, beer-hating girlfriends in need of a buzz. Sure, the drinks will be expensive, but hey, it's the price you have to pay to get... I won't go there.

1 comment:

nick2slick said...

I can't wait to justify the 40 dollars it takes to get drunk at the new park. Really, I mean it.

I end up embracing skinny Japanese men.

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