Saturday, March 7, 2009

MLB extends Online Press Box Access Offer to Stadium Insider

Some good news to report on the MLB Online Press Box issue that I posted about last week. Upon contacting someone at MLB, they have reversed the decision to decline our access to the Online Press Room.

So, where does this get us?

With an approved registration, accredited media members will gain instant electronic access to information that includes daily game notes and statistical reports, current and archived press releases, conference call and satellite coordinate information, public relations contacts, press kits, media regulations and historical information.

In addition, this site gives media outlets the opportunity to download hi-resolution logos for MLB, its jewel events, and the 30 Major League clubs as well as headshots of players, coaches, umpires and selected industry executives.
Score one for the blogosphere, as this enables us to provide accurate information, even if media representatives from the MLB teams likely won't talk to us.

Talk about it in the Stadium Insider Forums!

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Pitchers Hit Eighth said...

Congrats. Any tips for gaining access? I too was initially denied and have replied with my concern about integrity and 100% accuracy.

I hope to find a favorable response from MLB.

Ross said...

I had to illustrate that I reached a broad audience and that it was in the best interests of the MLB to provide access.

When I explained to them that I broke a story that reached 15,000 unique visitors in 2 days, they realized that I should have more tools at my disposal. I'm not sure what kind of traffic you receive, but that, along with the quality of your blog are your main tools.

Good luck.

Pitchers Hit Eighth said...

Heh - unfortunately, I don't quite have that sort of traffic, but I aspire to! We're still under a year old...

I've got the eyes of a few members of the St Louis baseball writers, including their own at - wonder if they'll ask for references? :)

Ross said...

I only average around 500 visitors per day, but occasionally when I "break" a story, it gets up in the thousands. Try to use twitter to get in touch with MLBlogs and the person running that might be able to point you in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you accomplished the impossible in getting a list of all the team's media contacts. Is there a way that you can post this somewhere? I'm an intern at a publishing company and we are doing photo requests for former college players that are now in the pros and I cannot locate a list of the contacts anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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