Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Yankee Stadium: More Legroom, Less Protection from Cold Weather

Some great pictures have been making the rounds on the interwebs as of late. Here at Stadium Insider, we are always looking for photos that give some indications of what the new stadium experience will be like.

One of the most anticipated and practical improvements to the fan experience at the new stadium is the increased legroom in front of the seats. Below is a great photograph illustrating just how much legroom there will be (at least in the Grandstand):

Pretty impressive. From the perspective of that photo, it looks to be at least double the legroom in the old Yankee Stadium, if not more. Ass cramps SHOULD be a thing of the past!

As you can see in the next two photos, the new stadium has a very open feel, especially in the Upper Deck.

My apologies to the innocent bystander in this photo

While this open feel reminds me a lot of Citizens Bank Park in Philly - a great park to see ballgame at, it doesn't come without some negative side-effects. In the colder months of April and October, the Upper Deck (Grandstand) will offer no shelter from the cold. The chilly wind will be able to whip through those slats at the top and through the open concourses below with ease. Ask anyone who went to the World Series games in Philadelphia last year and they will tell you about the dark side of an open concourse stadium.

The exhibition games against the Cubs are now just one month away, and the new stadium anticipation is growing each day. From the looks of things, everything is on track and everyone should be in for a greatly improved stadium experience - weather permitting.

These photos were lifted from The Voice of The Yankee Universe, who lifted them from topkidnum1, Clarissa Rivera & Hardcore Shutterbug. I assume these were taken from either flickr.com or one of the various message boards out there constantly churning out New Yankee Stadium photos. If anyone wants to claim ownership of these photos, I will gladly credit you properly.

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mastermind said...

At least when I stumble after a few beers Ill have room to do it up there in the grandstand it seems. First beer up in section 411 on the insider. And insider I no your disdain for the bleachers But I also have seats (my actual relocation)there and are welcome to check out the view in 203 anytime.
the mastermind

Ross said...

Mastermind -

I only had disdain for the OYS bleachers - the new ones will be fun (as long as they aren't obstructed view).

I may take you up on the offer!

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