Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Of The Last Photos Ever Taken Inside Of The Old Yankee Stadium

If you are a nostalgist who is squeamish about the dismantling of the old Yankee Stadium, you might want to skip over this post.

Courtesy of our buddy "StationA" on Twitter, we present some of the last photos taken from inside of the stadium before the dismantling goes into overdrive. "Station A" is a systems engineer for the Yankees, so he was one of the brave last men out since he had to take the old digs offline.

Without further ado, here is his farewell to the old Yankee Stadium:

The once picture-perfect field is now stripped bare. Previously only seen from overhead helicopter shots.

The new Yankee Stadium laughs at the crappy suites of old Yankee Stadium's past.

There is no reason to transport the fishnets to the new stadium . The screen no longer covers the field level seats at the new Yankee Stadium. Just think of how many little kids were booed while failing to capture a ball in that net. What memories.

Be sure to follow StationA on Twitter if you are into tech-talk and want an inside look at the IT side of Yankee Stadium.
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