Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ticketmaster For Your Car! Introducing

No, this is not an ad. This is just a preview of the new way to park your car at Yankee Stadium. Before just hopping into your car to head to the ball park, you better head over to to make sure that your car's preferred "seat" is available.

The interface seems simple enough, just five easy steps and your car is as good as parked.

Clicking the "Reserve Parking Now" button takes you to a Ticketmaster style game selection page. From there, you select the "section" of parking that you want for that game, and whether you are self-parking or splurging for valet. Here are some of the parking lot choices:

Ahh, we see where this is going. Standard Parking Company (likely partnering with the Yankees and utilizing the Click and Park system) are working toward turning the spaces for your car into the equivalent of seats for your butts. Different game choices? Check. Different "sections" or, in this case lots? Check. Illogical service fee? Check. The only thing missing right now is different prices for the lots that are "closer to the field," and lots "selling out" quickly for big games.

This is a good thing for those traveling to Yankee games by car. Instead of unprepared cars pouring in to already full lots, people will need to plan ahead of time and their reward will be knowing which lot has a space for them. It is pretty strange that a system like this was not already in place. It probably has something to do with the addition of many new parking lots that were built along with the new stadium. In the past, their probably weren't enough parking choices to facilitate a system like offers.

In addition, season ticket holders can buy "season parking packages." Why take care of your own seat, and not your car's for the entire season? Baseball-Parking has you covered, but doesn't even offer a discount from the per game rate, actually charging $19.40 per game instead of $19. Then again, only one service fee of $5 is added on top, instead of a the $324 in $4 service fees that would be added if each game was purchased individually.

If anyone can figure out how this could possibly be perceived as anything but a huge postive for the Yankee game experience, please feel free to let us know in the comments. We'll withhold judgement until we have proof of how smooth the entire process goes. For now, Baseball-Parking should probably be paying "Stadium Insider," since we are typically more skeptical about new features related to the building of the new stadium.


Jason @ IIATMS said...

Just let me know when the MetroNorth station is operational and I'll be just fine, if not downright giddy.

Getting OUT of the YS area after a game is a dreadful experience. I can't wait to simply hop on a train.

ICUDoc said...

It would be great if this would guarantee you a spot in a specific garage - but all this does is guarantee you a spot in a group of garages - and it says you "MAY BE RELOCATED" so it is essentially useless because you may be put in a horrible place. I will continue to park and take the subway.

nick2slick said...

Jason, it seems they're saying sometime in May, the Metro North station will be ready. A great addition as far as traveling options go..

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