Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Yankees Put On The Full-Court Press To Sell The Premium Seats

First they tried to go viral, without much success. Now, they are inviting fans in for an open house, advertising "Select-A-Seat Weekend," presumably at the team's new billion-dollar home.

As Richard Sandomir eloquently reported
One full-page ad in The New York Times promoted next weekend’s Select-a-Seat event. Another in The New York Post cooed, “We’re Holding Your Seat,” with a line pointing to Section 123, one of 14 Between the Bases, where tickets cost $325 each.
Here at Stadium Insider headquarters, we are tempted to feign interest in these overpriced seats, just to attempt to swindle an early tour of the new stadium. It is the least the Yankees could do for us after taking away our B-Plan.

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