Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just To Whet Your Appetite: Some Of The Food Options At The New Yankee Stadium

Legends Hospitality Management plans on posting a press release later this week, detailing the food options at the new Yankee Stadium. For now, we can take a sneak peak at some of those options courtesy of the many great photos that came out of the stadium tours this weekend (and in the past).

First up is the unsurprising and disappointing Famiglia Pizza. If it looks like microwave pizza and tastes like microwave pizza, it must be microwave pizza. Very disappointing, since New York City is known to have some of the best pizza in the world. Why the Yankees continue to torture us with Famiglia's horrendous dough with cheese and sauce on it is inexplicable (or perhaps it is that Famiglia is willing to pay the big bucks it must take to forge a concession deal with the Yankees).

Next, we have a minor tweak to a Yankee Stadium classic. Nobody can forget the chicken fingers and fries combo that was served at a few concession stands around the old park. Sadly, the rubbery chicken and days-old, grease-soaked french fries were actually one of the highlights of the food selection in the upper deck. Now that those days are behind us, it looks like Legends Hospitality Management has a new trick up their sleeves: sliders. Who doesn't love mini burgers? We will set the under/over on the price per slider at $5. I'll bite and take the under. Anyone willing to make the wager? A Bernie Williams CD might be in it for you if you win the bet.

Of course, there is Johnny Rockets. However, we previously covered this concession in a previous post, so we'll spare you the diatribe about awesome straw dispensers.

Here comes the good stuff. When Stadium Insider had the pleasure of visiting Safeco Field in Seattle last May, everyone recommended the garlic fries as the must-have stadium food. We gave those fries mixed reviews, but the smell of them cooking was enough to make the mouth water. As long as the Yankees change the oil in the fryers every once in a while. garlic fries at Yankee Stadium have some major potential.

Finally, we present a relatively new classic from the old Yankee Stadium, Carl's Cheesesteaks. A reviewer on yelp was hopeful back in November that Carl's would make the move to the New Stadium, and they won't be disappointed. The lines at these "hot" concession stands are typically too long to justify waiting in, but with the more open design of the new Yankee Stadium, the potential exists to wait in line and not have to miss all of the action on the field. The joys of a modern stadium will never get old to us.

Of course, there is the Hard Rock Cafe (open year round), and the upscale NYY Steak Restaurant in centerfield (it isn't too late to apply for a job there), for meals of the sitdown variety. We plan on visiting all of these fine establishments for in-depth reviews from the perspective of the average Yankee fan (never to be confused with the typical Yankee fan) during the season. Now we just have to wait to see how much all of this is going to cost us. We're pretty sure that beers are going to average $10 for the first time in 2009, but that is just speculation.

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Anonymous said...

No thanks. I was too cheap to buy food in the old stadium and I certainly won't buy any in the new one. I'll stick to The Court Tavern up the block to get a belly full of great food and beer at a reasonable price.
If I get thirsty, being that I'll be captive, I'll buy one big beer. If I'm with my Dad I'll split it with him.

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