Monday, March 9, 2009

Roll Call: Toronto Style. Hey... that's our thing!

Tom Verducci offered up an excellent tidbit in his latest WBC Five Cuts:
Cool moment in the eighth inning in the USA-Venezuela game: fans in the outfield seats gave the traditional "roll call" salute to Derek Jeter (Der-rek Je-ter!), borrowed across the international border from the old Yankee Stadium tradition. Jeter responded on cue, giving a wave of acknowledgement with his glove hand
Really fun stuff that Jeter gets the roll call treatment, even up north. A little part of me is offended that fans in Canada would "borrow" from the Bleacher Creatures, but it's also a testament to the respect Jeter gets everywhere. I doubt all those fans out there were Yankees fans, either. Gotta love when other fans show the Yanks some respect, it's a rare occurrence.

It makes me wonder: Is there is any other Yankee who would be greeted with the roll call when enterring a game in Toronto? I can assure you one thing: A-Rod wouldn't.

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Ross said...

On Saturday, the Canadian fans were booing him when he came up and were chanting overrated. Strange people.

SillyBastid said...

I am from NY and i was in the section... it was a USA game, so we were doing the roll call for the entire team. Jeter was just the only one to acknowledge it at first

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