Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Happens If Friday's Exhibition Against The Cubs Is Rained Out?

Unfortunately, as is the case with most early Spring games in the Northeast, there is a chance that Friday's game will be affected by weather. As of now, the Yankee ticket office is not sharing their contingency plan, if one exists. When asked about the weather situation, our source in the ticket office replied "I hope it doesn't rain Friday, I'm not sure what the plan would be."

It is unlikely that the Yankees would schedule an exhibition double-header on Saturday, so refunds or credits to other games would have to be offered. That being said, how real is the threat of the game being canceled on Friday? Lets once again defer to Steve DiMartino from
The low level jet is expected to supply additional lifting and moisture transport at 850 and 950 MB by Friday afternoon as well. North of the warm front, expect scattered showers with a period of steady moderate rain in the afternoon. However, south of the warm front, a break in the precipitation is expected with the potential for even a break in the overcast. Should this happen, there is potential for temperatures to spike quickly above forecasted high temperatures. A line of showers and strong to severe thunderstorms will follow the cold front passage by the afternoon. The thunderstorms will be capable of heavy downpours, strong wind gusts, frequent lightning, small hail, and possibly even an isolated tornado. The upper level set up is very similar to last Sunday.
It will all depend on the timing of the steady rain, and then the thunderstorms. As of now, it looks like the batch of steady, game canceling rain will come through first, and we will be left with scattered thunderstorms in the evening. If we had to guess now, batting practice has a high chance of be canceled, but the game will occur - with the potential for the tarp making its new Yankee Stadium debut if some of those heavy thunderstorms come through. The good news is that weather looks great for the workout day on Thursday, with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the lower 60's.

Obviously, even two days out, plenty of things can change with the weather. Be sure to check in with Steve over at and you can always come back here on Friday for the latest updates and the radar on the sidebar.
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