Thursday, January 15, 2009

Johnny Rockets at the new Stadium - but will the new vendors sing?

I remember the first time I was dragged into a Johnny Rockets "retro diner." It only took a few minutes of waiting for a table before the waiters started singing and dancing to decrepit jukebox hits. I almost walked out - but then I saw the awesome pop-up straw dispensers, I saw the waiter pouring the ketchup into a little paper container to dip the deliciously greasy fries in and I saw the thick milkshakes in old-school milkshake glasses. NOW my interest was piqued. A few minutes later I was sitting at a booth and the waiter dropped a nickel. Thats when instinct kicked in - I had a sudden urge to drop that nickel into the juke box and play 1961 hit Lets Twist Again by Chubby Checker. One of the first things I bought when I had my own apartment in college was that straw-holding apparatus. I still have it to this day, and I don't think I've used a straw from it, but it is awesome and I'll never get rid of it, no matter how dusty it gets.
So anyway, about the New Yankee Stadium - it is going to have vendor locations sponsored by Johnny Rockets, presumably serving staples from their menu, but definitely serving hot dogs. No word yet on singing waiters, although I assume A-Rod would be a fan (not sure if that is a gay joke, or a Madonna joke, or an A-Rod sucks joke, but when all else fails, mention A-Rod).

No, I'm not high - the proof is in the pictures:

Thanks to "Jovial Cow" on the "Something Awful" forums for the blurry, lo-res camera phone shot. I assume the cows that will be slayed to service this food establishment won't be so jovial.

There you have it - Johnny Rockets at Yankee Stadium. Need I say more?

Update: It was just brought to my attention that Citifield over in Flushing is going to be featuring burgers from Danny Meyer's shake shack. In case you have never tried a shake shack burger, you don't know what you are missing. That burger along is worth the trip to the Mets' new stadium.

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kaybli said...

The Yanks should hire these guys for food:

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