Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yankee Brass Looks To The Team Captain To Bail Them Out Of Their Overpriced, Slow-Selling Luxury Seats

Hopefully we won't be struck down for posting a link to NY Post's Page Six, but here we go. Apparently, Derek Jeter has purchased one of the overpriced luxury suites for his family to call home at the new Yankee Stadium:
Derek Jeter has so many friends and family who want to see him and his teammates play, the Yankee captain leased a luxury suite for the season in the new stadium. A team spokesman said the box was big enough for 12, but wouldn't say how much it cost. But he said that Jeter, one of the highest-paid players in the Major Leagues, paid full price for a suite of its size, which range in cost from $600,000-$850,000 -- and he didn't even get an employee discount.
Could Jeter be bailing the Yankees out of their ticket mess in hopes that the Yankees will pay him back when he becomes a free agent and demands far more money than he is worth?

We always enjoyed seeing Jeter's mom and dad sitting among the common folk in the box seats behind the Yankee dugout. There are no longer common folk in those seats, so it looks like the Jeter family decided to take advantage of the captain's wealth and get themselves some luxury accommodations. Can anyone blame them?
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