Friday, April 24, 2009

A Plea To Save Part Of The Old (Renovated) Yankee Stadium

This is something that all NSI readers should check out. The website "Yankee Stadium Memorial At Heritage Park," has been created to help convince the Yankee organization to keep a part of the old, renovated Yankee Stadium as a memorial. We were under the impression this was already in the plans, but apparently it isn't, since a website has been dedicated to the cause.

All they are asking for is part of the frieze and the old Gate 2 to stay. Can anyone think of any reason this is not a great idea? The renderings look great, and it will make "Heritage Field" even more special. More about their plans, and more photos courtesy of the Yankee Stadium Memorial At Heritage Park website if you
In addition to being a dramatic entranceway to the new Heritage Park, the Gate's fortuitous position on 161st Street, directly across from the new Stadium, would serve as a dramatic physical and visual transition from the old Stadium to the new.

The Gate could be lighted from both the front and from "inside" creating a stunning nighttime effect.

Additionally, some of the existing Frieze could be incorporated, as shown, to create an even
more dramatic effect.

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