Friday, April 10, 2009

Comparing Upper Decks (Old Yankee Stadium vs. New Yankee Stadium)

Ben over at River Ave. Blues just posted a great review of his experience at the new Yankee Stadium. Please head over there and read his well-written and informational post.

The main takeaway from his review is the striking difference when comparing the old Yankee Stadium's Upper Deck to the "Grandstand" at the new Yankee Stadium:



We touched on this in our review of the new stadium, but seeing this photo gives us really drives the point home. If you are in the upper deck of the new Yankee Stadium, you are much further from the field of play than you were at the old Yankee Stadium. This, combined with the 1,048 obstructed seats in the bleachers guarantees that the fan experience at the new Yankee Stadium will be worse for the majority of the people in the highly touted "affordable seats."

When you get down to it, the point of going to a baseball game is to see the action on the field. For the average fan, the Yankees have spent $1.6 billion to provide worse views of that action. How can that be considered anything less than a failure?
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