Wednesday, April 29, 2009

False Alarm Gives Tigers Fans Reason To Head For The Exits Early

The video below captures a scary moment during the 8th inning of the Tigers vs. Yankees game tonight.

We've always wondered what would happen if...

...there was an emergency at a baseball game. Not falling prey to the stereotype, the fans of Detroit were surprisingly orderly and headed directly toward the nearest exits (and didn't take the elevators) as the announcement asked. With the score 8-1 in favor of the Yankees, it looks like the fans in Detroit weren't in a fighting mood.

In other news, Joe Girardi won his 100th game as Yankee manager tonight, and the YES network actually had a special graphic created for it. Apparently, becoming the 18th man (out of 34) to ever accomplish the feat is worth the graphic, a post-game interview, and a question during the managerial press conference. He isn't even in the 50th percentile of Yankee managers according to wins and they made that big of a deal out of it? Did they even do that when Joe Torre got his 1,000th win? Weird.

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