Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Dimensions Will Be The Same For The Players On The Field, But What About The Fans In The Stands?

The Yankee players aren't worried about the layout of the new Yankee Stadium, but should the fans be? Those who spent countless summer nights in the claustrophobic confines of the cheap seats at the old stadium got used to certain quirks that captured their attention and affected their every day experience.

Fans sitting in the Tier Box seats in right field fair territory were able to take solace in the fact that even though they were in some of the worst seats in the house, they had a very good chance of catching a home run ball from a lefty slugger. With the new upper deck being more recessed from the field of play, upper deck home runs may be a thing of the past.

What about the left field upper deck? It was pretty exciting to see a right-handed slugger tee off and slug one into the cheap seats in left. The fans up there didn't expect it, but when a ball came their way, it was cherished.

Home runs "in the black" in center field are no more. Michael Kay meticulously kept count of how many home runs had been hit there and was constantly gushing about how rare it was. Is Mohegan sun the new black? Is it possibly that A-Rod will plant an A-bomb on TOP of the Mohegan Sun Sports bar? We will have to wait and see.

The Tier boxes down the lines in sections 7 and 8 were hotbeds for foul balls at the old Yankee Stadium. We never did create our proposed foul ball tracker, but from observing many games at the old Yankee Stadium, we came to the conclusion that fans had the best chance of capturing a foul ball by sitting in those sections. The question now is whether or not the foul balls will even be able to reach the upper deck. It is likely that they will reach the upper deck directly behind home plate, but down the lines is now an iffy proposition

We have already touched on the fishnet situation behind home plate. Even if you never had the opportunity to sit in those suites and make failed attempts at catching a ball in a net, you had the chance to boo the little rich kids who failed at it.

It has already been touched on that Yankee Stadium's new seat layout leaves the distinct possibility of a less imposing home crowd. We're less worried about the noise factor, and more worried about the fun quirks that were left behind in the old place. We'll certainly keep an eye out for the new and exciting things that people who spend way too much time at Yankee Stadium notice and learn to love.
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