Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Yankee Stadium Opening Day Weather Forecast

The day is finally here. Today, the New York Yankees officially christen their new $1.6 billion dollar stadium in the Bronx. Last year, opening day was rained out and it caused headaches for many people who make coming to the stadium for the first game of the season a yearly tradition. This year, we have Steve DiMartino of contributing exclusive game day forecasts for games that matter the most, so you are prepared for the elements.
New York has been very lucky with weather conditions and opening stadiums! Today, high pressure will provide excellent weather conditions with clear skies, light and variable winds, and seasonable temperatures. Through the game temperatures will range from 59 to 62 degrees range so a light jacket or light sweater would be a good idea. Weather conditions should have little if any impact on the game.
That last sentence is music to our ears. If you are heading out to the big ballpark in the Bronx, rest assured that the weather will be beautiful. Thanks again to Steve for stopping in and doing that for us. It helps us to forgive him for being a Mets fan. Enjoy the game everyone.
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