Saturday, April 4, 2009

Those Obstructed View Seats At The New Yankee Stadium Turn Up In The Strangest Places

A friendly reader of the blog commented a few days ago, mentioning the bad news that he had obstructed views in his high-priced Terrace seats.

According to an email from this reader:
This is the view from Section 319, [in the first row]. I have 6 full-season tickets...4 in the first row and two in the second row. The first row is $135 per, the second row $110.Besides the meager 13 inches from the end of the seat to the concrete wall, what you see is the metal strip outlining the Plexiglas. No cup holders in the first row either. We'll be calling the Stadium first thing Monday.
We're not quite sure what purpose all of that plexi-glass serves. Perhaps the Yankees can rectify the situation by taking it off? As for the leg room, it is a complete 180 from the old stadium, where the first row of the upper deck had tons more leg room. For $135 per ticket, it is shocking that Mickey didn't get to tour his seats before making the commitment. Looking beyond the obstruction, those seats might be the worst value in the entire stadium. Last year fans paid around $50 for a similar view from the Tier boxes.

In other news, Andrew over at Scott Proctor's Arm did some investigative photo journalism to uncover all of the obstructed views in the new 1.6 billion dollar Yankee Stadium. Sadly, Andrew has a lot of photos to share. Great work as always over at Scott Proctor's Arm, and for that we are naming him an honorary Stadium Insider. What an honor, indeed.
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