Friday, April 3, 2009

Rain or Shine - See What We See Tonight At Yankee Stadium - Live Stream

Since it was such a SMASHING success last weekend at Citi Field, we have decided to bring back the live stream. Yes, the quality is grainy and washed out. Yes, you have all seen the fancy stadium tours by the mainstream media. However, with our live stream, you get the once in a lifetime experience of seeing what we see as we venture into the new Yankee Stadium for the first time .

Last weekend at Citi Field, our seat happened to be a terribly obstructed one. You never know what we'll come across tonight.

Since we won't be able to get to the stadium for batting practice this evening, we will have a more extensive live stream on Saturday morning. Also, watching our live stream from Yankee Stadium is probably not what most people consider fun Friday night plans.

This will be our last post of the day barring an announcement of a rainout of the Yankees vs. Cubs game, or some other breaking news.

Barring poor 3G reception or technical difficulties, the above video will stream LIVE when I am recording. Keep New Stadium Insider up in a browser window and you will see what we see! It is that simple. Feel free to comment on this post, as we will be creating a new post for every live stream.
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